Other Attractions

Cubby Town

The children's haven we call 'Cubby Town' can be found within the Great Maze. 

While every Aussie man should have a shed, every Aussie kid should have a cubby, and here at Tasmazia, we have a town full! From Ma and Pa Kettle's to Cubby Theatre, a Fire Station, Pancake Parlour, Supermarket, Doctor's Rooms and much more. A smorgasbord of cubbies - go for it kids!

*For overseas visitors, a translation: "Cubby" is a private play space for children ranging from a space under the stairs or a simple sheet of cardboard leaning against a fence, to a tree or purpose-built, miniature house.


Tasmania's Premier Family Attraction

From a bare piece of 'Promised Land', to the largest maze complex in the world, Tasmazia is more than a crazy and clever family attraction; it is the incredible story of one man's life.

Lower Crackpot Correction Centre

The Lower Crackpot Correction Centre depicts mediaeval forms of punishment which, many in positions of authority may yearn to utilise today. The dungeon is a subterranean black hole where inmates were confined for lengthy periods of time to reflect upon the error of their ways. Severe corporal punishment was meted out at the Flogging Triangle including, in the old Tasmanian convict tradition, use of the cat-­o-­nine tails.

For lesser offences, the Pillory and the Stocks were deemed an appropriate form of punishment. In contrast, the full sized traditional French guillotine, which stands alongside, brought a swift and certain end to those who incurred the wrath of the Revolutionaries. Not so certain were the Gallows – history has shown hangmen often bungled the job.

If visitors are not sufficiently deterred by these daunting examples of punishment from years gone by, they can also search out the Rail, the Rack (which could be a drawn out experience), and the Stake, used as a form of punishment for treason, heresy and witchcraft.


Better Homes & Gardens

The production team from Channel 7 recently paid us a visit.  Here's the resulting video of Jason getting lost in the maze.

We're still looking for him!
Souvenir & Gift Shop

Make sure you venture in to the Gift Shop when you visit the Tasmazia complex. We manufacture a number of our gift lines in our factory at Promised Land, where they are displayed in our spacious gift and clothing shop.

All of our own products are exclusive. We do not wholesale to other outlets so many of the products you buy here are unique to Tasmazia.  See our selection of lavender products, soft toys, jams, lollies, books, souvenir t-shirts and so much more.


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Adults: $25.00
Children: $12.50
Seniors: $20.00
Family (2 Adults, 2 Chn): $70.00

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