Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot
Magical World of Tasmazia

Welcome to Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot!

Where fun and laughter rule –
one of the most unforgettable tourist attractions
in Tasmania, Australia and the World!

Star magic tasmazia
Magical World of Tasmazia
Maze Tasmazia

Let us take you on a journey through one of the world’s largest maze complexes, with a total of eight magical mazes to lose yourself in, each completely different from the last!

Lose yourself in one of our eight mazes.

Tasmazia maze
Bubbles Tasmazia
The Village of Lower Crackpot, Tasmazia
Magical World of Tasmazia

The Village of Lower Crackpot 

Minature Village Tasmania

A quirky model village built to 1/5 scale, with plenty of unusual sights to see. And take a trip around the world in our Embassy Gardens, with buildings dedicated to over 40 countries, as well as a few imaginary ones, just for fun!

Witches Hat Tasmazia
Wicked Witch of th East Broom
Lavender Farm Tasmazia
Field of flowers Tasmazia
Magical World of Tasmazia

Lavender Farm 

Those looking for a peaceful experience here can enjoy our stunning Lavender Farm and breathtaking views of Mount Roland.

Pancake Parlour at Tasmazia, Tasmania
Magical World of Tasmazia

Pancake Parlour 

Eating food Tasmania

Famous for our pancakes....

If pancakes don't tickle your fancy rest assure we have plenty of other goodies waiting for you to try. 

Pancakes at Tasmazia
Strawberries Tasmania
Strawberries on pancakes
Strawberries Tasmania